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Peep Beep! is a blog dedicated to privacy and information security law. We cover national and international developments and are enthralled with all sort of things …such as how to recognise our metadata, how to ensure the confidentiality of our correspondences, or how to protect our digital identities!

Here is the Peep Beep! team:

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon

2014-11-16 Sophie

Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon

Sophie is Professor at the Brussels Privacy Hub, VUB, Belgium and the scientific coordinator of the Global Privacy Law Summer Academy. She is also Senior Privacy Counsel and Principal Legal Engineer at Immuta where she is part of the interdisciplinary research team. She previously held a chair in Information Technology and Data Governance at the University of Southampton, where she is now a visiting professor.
Sophie is the author of several publications on intermediary liability, data protection and privacy, information security and intellectual property. She has been researching and writing on the liability of Internet intermediaries such as Internet service providers, Web 2.0 platforms, search engines, on the legal implications of deep packet inspection practices implemented by Internet service providers, on the role of hosting providers in relation to malicious webpages, on the standardization of privacy policies and on anonymisation practices.
She has been involved in diverse research and consulting. She led the legal work conducted for the purposes of the Horizon 2020 FutureTrust and DataPitch Research projects. She has acted as a legal expert for the OCSE, OEDC, the Venice Commission, the European Commission and the European Parliament. She was part of the expert group formed by the Council of Europe on intermediary liability (MSI-NET) and an expert member of the Observatory on the Online Platform Economy (first expert group).
Sophie is a collage artist and warmly thanks Pixabay.com on behalf of the team!
She is the creator of Peep Beep! and its blogmaster.

See more on Sophie here and Sophie’s ssrn papers here.

Previous members of the Peep Beep! team include:

Alison Knight

Clare Sullivan

Henry Pearce

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  1. Have you seen the 2 day Privacy course being hosted by IBIL at the Faculty of Laws at UCL on 23/24 January. Speakers include Ron Wainwright from Europol, Dr Steven Murdoch and senior members of the bar. Places still available

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