D5 – The Start of a Global Digital Network? by Dr Clare Sullivan

The United Kingdom hosted the first summit of a new network called D5 in London from 9-10 December 2014. The purpose of D5 is to identify ways to improve digital services, to exchange experiences and ideas and to collaborate on common projects. The five founding members are United Kingdom, South Korea, Estonia, Israel and New … Continue reading

Access to data / Data protection / Law enforcement

Pointing the Finger – Recent US Decisions on Access to Mobile Phone Data

In the United States a Circuit Court last week ruled that a defendant in a criminal case can be compelled to provide his fingerprints but not the access code to his mobile phone. Judge Steven C. Frucci of the 2nd Judicial District of Virginia, in a case against David Baust who is accused of trying … Continue reading

Access to data / Cloud / digital identity / Security

International E- Citizenship by Dr Clare Sullivan

This month Estonia became the first country in the world to announce plans to enable persons from anywhere in the world to become E- citizens of Estonia. Estonia has the most advanced E- economy in the world. Before a newborn arrives home, the hospital will have issued a digital birth certificate and the baby’s health … Continue reading