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EU Approves ‘Privacy Shield’ Safe Framework for Trans-Atlantic Personal Data Transfers

Privacy shields doubling as privacy swords? … While “the best defence” may also make a “good offence” (or, “offense”, as our US counterparts would call it), first you need to be confident that your defence strategy works! Last Friday, a statement was made by EU Vice-President Ansip and Justice Commissioner Vera Jourová announcing the adoption … Continue reading


Latest cybersecurity policy in the US and UK news

Legislators and policy-makers do more to encourage companies to routinely share cyber threat information, and best-practice learning, with government agencies Cybersecurity policy is a hot topic, regularly hitting headlines worldwide. The first two months of 2015 has been no exception in the US, as President Obama kick-started the year by warning of the need for … Continue reading


D5 – The Start of a Global Digital Network? by Dr Clare Sullivan

The United Kingdom hosted the first summit of a new network called D5 in London from 9-10 December 2014. The purpose of D5 is to identify ways to improve digital services, to exchange experiences and ideas and to collaborate on common projects. The five founding members are United Kingdom, South Korea, Estonia, Israel and New … Continue reading

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On malicious webpages, hosting providers… and the myth of technological neutrality!

In an article covering the issue of malicious webpages and what techies call ‘drive-by-downloads’, Huw Fryer, Tim Chown and myself suggest that one solution might lie in the imposition upon hosting providers of precautionary duties involving the systematic scanning of the websites they host on their platforms. [The article will be published soon but is … Continue reading