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A CCTV code of practice fit for the future?


The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has published an updated data protection code of practice for CCTV and other types of surveillance cameras that view or record personal information. It provides best practice guidance for operators on how to comply with legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The code, which updates its 2008 predecessor and complements the Surveillance Camera code of practice published in June 2013, acknowledges that surveillance cameras are no longer a passive technology that records and retains images but a proactive one that can be used to identify and keep detailed records of people’s activities. In particular, recent developments in the introduction of surveillance technologies that can be highly intrusive (such as body-worn cameras, drones and automated recognition technologies) have expanded compliance obligations.

To this end, the updated code of practice aims to explain the key data protection issues that operators of the latest technological equipment need to understand. It also gives them extended guidance on how to deal with data subject access requests received from those captured on film.

Alison Knight

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