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I link, he delists and they get entangled in! Re-mixing copyright, trade marks and data protection while waiting for the CJEU’s decision in GS Media…

Some of you certainly remember the Google v Vuitton case decided by the CJEU some years ago now, in 2010, which was a case about trade mark infringement. (Sometimes it is useful to go back to the roots!) To make the story short, the case involved the use of keywords corresponding to trade marks in … Continue reading

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Court of Appeal upholds landmark judgement against Google arising from its exploitation of Apple’s Safari web-browser privacy settings

Should privacy protection extend to compensate me for ‘distress’ suffered from the aggregation of my browser-generated information without my consent, so as to enable third-party advertising to be targeted at me –  which in turn is viewable by others, on my device screen? In March 2015, the English Court of Appeal ruled that three individuals may … Continue reading

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Google signs formal undertakings committing it to change its privacy policy for UK online users

‘The hits keep on rolling when you’re Google…’ As previously reported in this blog here and here, Google is rarely out of the headlines when it comes to the daily workloads of European data protection agencies (DPAs). The most recent story is the news from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) that Google has signed … Continue reading

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Google settles ‘right to be forgotten’ case with UK business man and comes under pressure from Europe to implement global de-listing

Google probably wishes it could be forgotten as the remit of its legal obligations continues to make headlines The press has been full of news this year about the deluge of requests sent to Google following the Court of the Justice of the European Union (CJEU)’s ruling in May, which confirmed the right of individuals … Continue reading

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Google sent compliance measures over on-going European privacy policy concerns

The European Article 29 Working Party – composed of representatives of EU Member State data protection authorities, the European Data Protection Supervisor and the European Commission – has sent Google a letter setting out a list of compliance measures in respect of the latter’s privacy policy to enable it to meet its obligations under the … Continue reading