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New UK Decisions on the Data Protection Implications of Information Sharing with Law Enforcement

Compliance with governmental requests for information raise a minefield of different laws, but data protection/privacy rights hold special pitfalls Determining when the sharing of personal data is legal can be a complicated exercise. Yet, the impetus for governmental agencies to collect and share more and more information is at an unprecedented high. In the EU, … Continue reading

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Geo-Location Data Processing and Meaningful Consent – A Comparison of Latest Data Protection Guidance

Of ‘Mice and Men’ to ‘Maps and Machines’ – “Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.” Further to my post in March, the purpose of this sequel post is to continue considering two guidelines published by European regulators regarding the processing of geolocation data. I continue to delve into the cloudy legal … Continue reading

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Facebook needs to re-revise its privacy policy says recent Belgian report.

On January 30th 2015, Facebook revised its Data Use Policy (DUP) and Terms of Services. At the request of the Belgian Privacy Commission, ICRI/CIR (KU Leuven) and iMinds-SMIT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) have conducted an extensive analysis of the revisions. So what does the current version of their report (dated 23rd February 2015) find? Emma Cradock, … Continue reading

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Google signs formal undertakings committing it to change its privacy policy for UK online users

‘The hits keep on rolling when you’re Google…’ As previously reported in this blog here and here, Google is rarely out of the headlines when it comes to the daily workloads of European data protection agencies (DPAs). The most recent story is the news from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) that Google has signed … Continue reading

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Google sent compliance measures over on-going European privacy policy concerns

The European Article 29 Working Party – composed of representatives of EU Member State data protection authorities, the European Data Protection Supervisor and the European Commission – has sent Google a letter setting out a list of compliance measures in respect of the latter’s privacy policy to enable it to meet its obligations under the … Continue reading